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Scientific commitments

Scientific partnerships

Our scientific partnerships

St Hubert is well aware of the need to work with the best experts to develop the best products, innovate solutions and enable research to progress. This is why it has been developing partnerships for several years, in order to improve its knowledge of:

The tastes and flavours of low fat spreads
The manufacturing of spreads thanks to effective, quality and environmentally
friendly processes
Lipids, nutrition and a balanced diet
Lipids and human health


Taste, nothing but taste!!!

St Hubert has been working with the INRA since 2004. Thanks to a thesis conducted with its research unit specialising in flavours and consumer behaviour and with help from the Centre of Taste and Food Sciences, we were able to better understand how our perceptions are determined when eating spreads and to improve our products as a result.

The INRA is the leading European institute in agronomic research, and second worldwide; it conducts mission-oriented research into adapted food and nutrition, preservation of the environment and competitive, sustainable agriculture. The INRA produces fundamental knowledge and uses this to create innovations and know-how for society. It puts its expertise at the service of public decision.


Quality is our main concern

When it comes to the choice and control of its raw materials, or the quality of its products, St Hubert is supported by the best experts and laboratories, including the ITERG (French Institute for Fats and Oils), in order to define and/or conduct the analyses needed to guarantee faultless quality.


Real interest in health and nutrition

A three-way partnership between the CHU de Nancy, Genclis and St Hubert

Thanks to an original partnership created in the heart of the Lorraine region of France, between the CHU de Nancy’s department of allergology (Professor Gisèle Kanny), Genclis, a company that has developed a method enabling minute quantities of milk and nuts to be detected, and St Hubert which has implemented manufacturing and control processes, people with allergies can eat pure vegetable, low fat spreads guaranteed without milk or nuts.

A very long-lasting collaborative partnership with the ENSAIA (French Graduate School of Agronomics and Food Industries) in St Hubert’s strategic axes.

Working partnership with the CNRS

St Hubert has been working with the CNRS since 2012 to study the benefits of omega 3 ALA on brain health and more particularly on the protection of neurones.


An investment in different research institutes to develop innovations with nutritional value, aimed at improving the memory and well-being of seniors.
A strategy of nutritional prevention, with the development of functional food rich in lipid and fat-soluble nutriments, may favour the preservation of a satisfactory state of cognition and well-being in adults, and help delay the harmful effects of ageing on the memory. This is the challenge for the Nutrimemo project, that brings together St Hubert and research teams – Bordeaux university and teaching hospital, ITERG – and industrial concerns from the Aquitaine region: the validation of these effects by a clinical trial, and the development of a product to prevent the cognitive and emotional deficits that appear as people get older.

The clinical trial shall be conducted on 400 people aged between 60 and 70 to evaluate the efficiency of the ingredient formula on the preservation or enhancement of memory skills and well-being.

The Nutrimemo project has been chosen by the Fonds Unique Ministériel (French Single Ministerial Fund).


St Hubert doesn’t content itself with funding trials or developing partnerships for its own needs. It also invests in research project assistance and orientation so that these projects can meet the future needs of consumers and the planet!


A major investment in the ITERG, the French technical industrial centre in the fats and oils sector


Patrick Cahuzac, St Hubert’s CEO, has been a member of the ITERG’s Board of Directors for several years, while Anne Renault, St Hubert’s director of Research-Development and Quality, chairs its scientific committee. An investment that demonstrates the importance our company attaches to research into lipids and to the development of the sector.

The ITERG concentrates its research and strategic innovation on the health value added by lipids, the new fats production business segments and technologies, the refining of oils, the integration of sustainable development throughout the sector, the synthesis of new lipid molecules of interest, and the development of analytical methods required for quality.


St Hubert, founding member of the FRHTA (French Foundation for Research into High Blood Pressure), member of its board of directors and its scientific committee

The FRHTA was founded in 2006, with the purpose of defining, promoting and funding research in the field of high blood pressure and associated illnesses. This research shall be conducted in reference to core studies, clinical trials and/or epidemiological studies conducted on animals and humans. It is part of a multidisciplinary framework, with the contribution of several specialities like cardiology, internal medicine, diabetology, nephrology and pharmacology.

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Member of the GLN (Nutritional Lipid Group) since 2006

The GLN brings together research scientists and doctors, with a common interest in the nutritional effects of lipids. It helps research into nutrition and lipids, by subsidising between three and five projects a year, submitted by teams or young research scientists in response to a public tender. It also organises a themed scientific meeting each year.


Member of the Fonds français pour l’alimentation et la santé (French fund for food and health)

The French fund for food and health is a novel, umbrella structure with the mission of researching and showcasing food that is a source of pleasure and health.

The purpose of this endowment fund is to bring together all the scientific and economic players in order to strengthen a sustainable partnership at the service of a global public health policy. It intends to be a place for exchanging and pooling the forces, knowledge and expertise of all the stakeholders: research scientists, public authorities, institutions, industries, etc.

The French fund for food and health has four lines of action: engagement, fuelling discussions, supporting actions, funding research.

The founding principle of the French fund for food and health is equality between scientists and representatives of the economic sector in all its institutions.

Regular partnerships with various schools

The lycée de pont in Mousson, and other schools.

St Hubert is involved in training and presenting its jobs, and develops partnerships with faculty members engaged in research. We welcome sandwich students every year.

St Hubert and research

  • Since 2005
    Scientific partnership with ENITIAA (French School of Agricultural and Food Industry Studies)
  • Since 2006
    Founding member of the Fondation pour la Recherche sur l’Hypertension Artérielle (French Foundation for Research into High Blood Pressure)
  • Since 2006
    Scientific partnership with the INRA (French Institute for Agronomic Research)


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