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Environmental footprint


Production: towards environmental performance


The Ludres plant has been certified ISO 14001 since 2009; we work towards reducing its environmental impact every day. An approach that involves controlled water and energy consumption, and an ambitious policy to reduce pollution and waste.


2004 – 2010: -15% electricity consumption

2014: 100% waste reclaimed


The international standard ISO 14001 certifies that an organisation is committed to an approach aimed at measuring and reducing its environmental impact. It is subject to annual audits.

As we pay attention to the impact we have on climate change, we performed our first carbon footprint assessment in 2010 and implemented concrete actions aimed at considerably reducing the volumes of CO2 emitted by our activities. These actions are important steps to enable us to reach our objective “Zéro carbone à Ludres” (zero carbon in Ludres) by 2020.




As the environmental impact of a product has a lot to do with its packaging, we have integrated the principles of eco-design for several years now, as shown by our new tub launched in 2012. Its redesigned lid, 22% lighter than the old one, enables us to reduce our consumption of plastic by 200 tonnes per year.


If we add the benefits of optimising load fills to those obtained during manufacturing, we can avoid producing 958 equivalent tonnes of CO2 each year!

This success was rewarded with a prize given during the R AWARDS 2012, sponsored by Jean-Louis Etienne, a renowned doctor and explorer.


Introduction of environmental communication


In July 2011, St Hubert was one of the 168 companies from all sectors of activity to voluntarily join the experiment on environmental communication steered by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.

This scheme was implemented for one year and aimed to improve the information given to consumers about our product St Hubert Oméga 3®, thanks to communication about its main environmental impacts on our website. This experiment enabled us to find out how much water was consumed and how many greenhouse gases were emitted during the product life cycle.

The results sent to the Ministry by the participant companies will enable France to continue feeding the initiative from Brussels on the introduction of an environmental communication scheme at the European Union level.

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Quality and traceability of ingredients



Quality guaranteed


The choice of the best ingredients is at the heart of the quality policy implemented by St Hubert. These ingredients comply with very strict specifications and our suppliers are regularly audited. Measures and daily controls at each step in the production process are carried out to guarantee constant, top quality.



Rapeseed oil is the main ingredient of St Hubert spreads, selected with the greatest of care. It is freshly produced before being delivered to our plant in Ludres every day, and naturally rich in omega 3; mainly grown in France.


Palm oil


St Hubert uses a small amount of palm oil in some of its recipes, to make its products melt in your mouth. Since 2010, St Hubert contributes to the production of certified sustainable palm oil for all its supplies. And to go further in the development of this responsible sector we have set the goal of sourcing 100%  zero deforestation and segregated* palm oil for ourselves by 2020.

* All the oil is certified and traced in the supply chain from end to end


Responsible employer



We are convinced that St Hubert’s success is a group achievement and the result of real commitment from each employee. This is why the men and women who embody St Hubert every day are at the heart of a corporate culture that guarantees everyone’s well-being and fulfilment.

For the past 7 years, a study has been conducted with all members of staff every 18 months. The results of these studies enable us to measure the effectiveness of our corporate culture, and to identify lines for improvement.


In 2013* :

83% of employees had a favourable opinion of their work environment and safety
91% of our employees said they were proud to work for St Hubert
87% said they were treated with respect and dignity at work
74% thought they were able to maintain a good work-life balance
70% said their professional and personal development was supported by their manager


Source: internal survey