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The St Hubert Group’s brands

Brands designed to meet consumer demands

St Hubert offers products that meet everyone’s needs:

Why do we use spread on our bread, on our vegetables and in our frying pans? It must be for the taste! This is why St Hubert is committed to offering products that meet nutritional recommendations and provide a pleasurable taste, on a daily basis.

St Hubert 41® !

St Hubert 41® is ideal for anyone wanting to treat themselves to something light. With only 38% fat content, it is ideal for breakfast as a light, tasty spread, and for use when cooking.

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St Hubert Oméga 3®

St Hubert Oméga 3® is naturally rich in omega 3*, for anyone wanting to look after their heart and live life to the full whilst continuing to enjoy themselves on a daily basis! Its fresh taste and smooth, creamy texture make it ideal for use as a spread and when cooking or baking, to treat the whole family!

St Hubert Oméga 3®, omega 3, good for your heart, good for your life!

*Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, because ALA (omega 3) contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 2g of ALA, within a balanced diet.


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St Hubert Bio® 100% plant based*

St Hubert Bio®, certified AB (Organic Farming), was designed from organic raw materials, grown in environmentally friendly ways. Its fresh, natural taste and delicious recipe make it an excellent accompaniment when cooking or on slices of bread.

Made in France, St Hubert BIO® is palm oil-free, coloring and preservative-free (in accordance with organic regulations).
It is also without added flavor, and has a unique and tasty taste thanks to hazelnut oil.

100% plant-based*, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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St Hubert Soja® palm oil-free

An innovative, unique 100% plant-based soy spread to be eaten on bread or used in cooking, sold in large and medium sized stores in France. A unique offer along with St Hubert’s great taste and expertise to help everyone seeking a more varied diet.

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St Hubert Pur® Végétal


St Hubert Pur® Végétal is a 100% plant-based spread, guaranteed without milk or nuts. The unique taste of its delicious recipe for the whole family makes it ideal for use as a spread or when cooking!

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St Hubert Oméga 3 DHA® palm oil-free

Look after your brain and vision with DHA*, a fatty acid essential for proper functioning, whilst enjoying St Hubert Oméga 3® DHA.

*DHA supports proper brain functioning and the maintenance of normal vision with a daily intake of 250 mg, alongside a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Le Fleurier®

With its delicious taste, smooth texture and light recipe (only 53% fat), Le Fleurier® is without a doubt the ideal partner for gourmet cooking! It is also perfect on slices of bread and for use when baking!

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Valle’® is the leading brand on the Italian spread market, and is also present on the ready-to-roll pastries market. Valle’® is the Italians’ favourite for tasty, light cooking.Visit the “Torta per te – Valle’” and “Omega Me-Valle’” Facebook pages!