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St Hubert is a great place to work

Discover our traineeship offers below

Our trainees and sandwich students may be tomorrow’s employees. This is why we make sure that you feel good at St Hubert, and treat you the same as any other group employee.

When you join St Hubert, we organise everything so that you become part of the company as quickly as possible, by offering you:

  1. an onboarding programme designed to present the company, its departments and the people with whom you will be working
  2. training in design and marketing trade tools if required by your mission

During your traineeship, you will have meetings with your manager to assess the overall situation, to evaluate the quality of your work with respect to expectations and to identify areas of progress.

We are pleased to offer you the best environment in which to grow professionally. St Hubert was chosen as the best company for trainees during the presentation of the Happy Trainees 2013 award!