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Working for St Hubert

St Hubert is a great place to work

St Hubert is a truly human company. Human thanks to its size, which makes shared adventure possible, and because of the importance it places on the men and women who support it.

We are convinced that our teams must have a work-life balance in order to reach the goals of excellence and efficiency that we have set. Our human resource management policy, which focuses on both the self-fulfilment of our employees and the development of their skills, helps cultivate this balance.



Organisation and a progress-oriented approach

Because devising better products for the future has always been at the heart of St Hubert’s mission, our organisation is entirely geared towards efficiency, innovation and progression.


It focuses on four main principles:
  1. The implementation of a method inspired by Lean Management, based on continuous improvement, problem solving and risk analysis, in all our departments
  2. Working on a project basis, a standard in which all our managers are trained
  3. A clear structure and short decision-making channels to make processes simpler and more streamlined
  4. A stimulating environment where the words involvement, initiative and professionalism really mean something

It is important for our employees to have a safe working environment. Safety is subject to recommendations adapted to each workstation, after they have been studied and analysed by a dedicated team, which is also in charge of monitoring them.

These specific recommendations complement the generic measures applied to all St Hubert employees: systematic training in road safety for people on the road, opportunities for employees to put forward ideas to improve safety, etc.