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Our jobs

St Hubert is a great place to work

St Hubert employs 215 people who work each day to develop and design our products, make them and ensure that they are present in the French and Italian distribution channels.
It is a demanding, high-performance organisation, built around key functions, all driven by innovation, a real pillar of the group’s development strategy.


Marketing :

Our marketing teams report to the Marketing Director, and are the middlemen between St Hubert and consumers, who are at the heart of our marketing approach.The teams are in charge of market analysis, developing products that meet consumer needs, in relation with R&D, and the daily management of their product ranges. They are also the ones who develop the marketing spin and the communications accompanying them.

Examples of positions: Group Product Manager, Product Manager



Our sales teams report to the Sales Director, and build, develop and sustain the business relationships that St Hubert has with its retailers.
They work at head office and all over France, and are responsible for product referencing in retail stores, negotiating prices and the volumes bought by these stores, and even sales promotions in shops.

Examples of positions: National Account Manager, Area Manager, Category Manager


Logistics and Supply Chain

Our logistics teams report to the Logistics Director, and organise and manage all the work flows related to the production and distribution of our products.
They are particularly in charge of production logistics (sourcing raw materials, managing finished product inventory, etc.) and all the operations implemented to ensure that St Hubert products are present in shops (logistics plans, selecting transport providers, etc.).

Examples of positions: Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Manager



Our R&D teams report to the R&D and Quality Director, and develop St Hubert’s products of tomorrow, by working on their composition, nutritional balance and taste.

Examples of positions: R&D Group Leader, R&D Engineer, R&D Technician


Human Resources

Our multi-disciplinary team reports to the Human Resources Director, and accompanies St Hubert employees throughout their career in the company. It focuses on developing their skills in a working environment that encourages both professional and personal growth. This division includes positions as diversified as corporate services, organisational and career management, recruitment, personnel administration and payroll, labour relations, training and internal communications.

Example of corresponding position: HR Manager



Finance and Information Systems

Our Finance and IS teams report to the Finance and Administration Director, and are in charge of the strategy and budget in close co-operation with other St Hubert divisions. They are responsible for achieving the budgeted earnings and report earnings to the Group. They also provide legal and tax protection of companies.

They implement a master information systems plan in line with corporate strategy.

Examples of positions: Financial Controller, Information Systems Manager, Accountant


Production :

Our Production teams report to the Industrial Director, and optimise the use of industrial tools, productivity and output. They make products by meeting the quality and environmental protection objectives, and lead people and teams towards continuous progress. Our production teams are highly aware of safety on the production site.


Examples of positions: Production Manager, Quality Manager, Process Manager, Picker, Fork-lift Operator, Electromechanical Engineer