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Consult the latest job offers at St Hubert

Do you want to work for St Hubert? You can find all our latest, updated job offers on this page.

We are always happy to take on new talent to help St Hubert’s development. When recruiting, we pay as much attention to applicants’ personalities as to their skills, ensuring they can use their potential to the full in an environment that suits them.


Our attention doesn’t stop there. Our Human Resources department makes particular efforts in the following areas:

  • Employee care
  • Career path
  • Pay and benefits
  • Fulfilment and well-being
  • Safety and working conditions


We may be looking to recruit for any of the corporate positions, but the following profiles are more often sought after:


  • Area Manager in the Sales Force
  • Product Manager in the Marketing Division

St Hubert is not looking to recruit at the moment