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Getting to the heart of St Hubert

Over 110 years of existence and experience

A few words from the CEO
Patrick Cahuzac

Since 1904, St Hubert has been an innovative company, ensuring its growth through a high performance product development policy.


St Hubert is one of the continuously growing French leaders of the food industry, placing innovation at the heart of their strategy to offer products that combine pleasure and health, they are established as an enterprise committed to improving well-being and performance.


We want our brand associated with good and simple everyday products. Beyond the vegetable fat industry where we lead* with our product, St Hubert Oméga 3®, we have also been present in the ultra-fresh soy industry with our products St Hubert Végétal® since 2015.


Valle’® is the leader of margarines and butter in Italy* and an innovator in the vegetable fats and premade dough industry. As a trusted brand, Valle’® is our preferred Italian partner in the culinary aids domain, offering products that merge indulgence and lightness. We are convinced that there is a link between food and health. Pleasure is important in good nutritional balance and we strive to achieve this equilibrium everyday.
For more than 30 years, St Hubert has been involved in a process of nutritional improvement. Our approach has been recognized by both nutritional professionals, from whom we have received several awards, and by public authorities. St Hubert was the first company to sign a charter of nutritional commitments with the State under the PNNS.


Strongly attached to its roots, our company, on a human scale, is set apart by its implementation of innovation and its ability to quickly adapt. Its stable teams allow for the development of a continuous and lasting business strategy.



St Hubert has its roots in the Lorraine region of France, where the company was founded and developed. The group’s main production activities are now concentrated on the site in Ludres, near Nancy. The Ludres plant, a keystone in St Hubert’s development, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013 and has received heavy investment to support the group’s commitment to a continuously innovative approach.

This plant is modern, efficient and flexible, a reflection of St Hubert, and a symbol of its vitality. The group employs 215 people on the Ludres site, at the administrative headquarters in Rungis, near Paris, and in the sales force.


St Hubert in France and Italy

As a major player in the French vegetable fats industry, St Hubert’s presence is marked by strong brands that emerge as leaders in their food segments, such as St Hubert Oméga 3® and St Hubert 41®.

Since 2015 the company has been present in the ultra fresh soy industry with the St Hubert Végétal® products and since February 2017.


The group is also present on the Italian markets for vegetable fats and ready-to-roll pastries.


*Source: IRI Market share values for March 2013