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Significant facts

January 2008 – Signing of the PNNS Charter

St Hubert is the first company to sign a nutritional commitment charter with the French government as part of the PNNS (French Nutrition and Health Programme), making a particular commitment to optimise the quality of its spreads and to reduce the fat content of its products.

April 2009 – ISO 14001 certification

St Hubert’s ISO 14001 certification testifies to its commitment to control its environmental impact as well as to continuously improve environmental performance.

This certification is subject to an annual renewal audit and was reconfirmed in October of 2016.

2009 – Certification Ecocert Organic Farming

The product St Hubert Bio®, marketed in France and the product Valle’ Bio®, marketed in Italy, both obtain AB (organic farming) certification, which is issued by the certification organization Ecocert.

June 2010 – St Hubert Oméga 3® awarded the Bon Choix (Good Choice) 2010 prize

The editorial team of website awards the prize to St Hubert Oméga 3®, overall winner among 10 award-winning products selected from a panel of 600 present in supermarkets.

2011 – LSA innovation Trophies

The magazine LSA awards the 2011 Innovation Trophy to the St Hubert 5 Céréales® product.

2012 – The new St Hubert lid wins an R Award

The Club Génération Responsable® (a French association encouraging sustainable development) awards a prize to St Hubert for its new lid. Its environmental impact is considerably reduced, with 22% less weight.

June 2013 – The Ludres plant celebrates its 40th anniversary

The anniversary of St Hubert’s flagship site is a testimony to its historical roots in the region and the active role it plays in the economic and social fabric of Nancy.

October 2013 – Establishment of the Halle de l’Innovation in Ludres

St Hubert invests 700,000 euros in a dedicated building on the Ludres site to support its innovation strategy, thus tripling the surface area assigned to innovation in the company.

December 2013 – Awarding of a prize by the IFM

The IFM (French Merchandising Institute) awards a prize (a bronze Metre) to St Hubert for the work it did on the legibility and dressing of shelves in points of sale.

2014 – St Hubert makes the “Happy Trainees” list

St Hubert ranks #1 on the list of companies fewer than 5000 employees for welcoming trainees

June 2014 – St Hubert wins the Nutridor prize

Health professionals award St Hubert the Nutridor prize for its innovative St Hubert Oméga Sans Sel®, in the agrofood innovation category.

June 2015 – St Hubert celebrates their 111th year
2016 – The Valle’® brand is recognized as the “2016 Super brand” in Italy
July 2016 – St Hubert wins the Nutridor prize for its nutritional communication

The Nutridor prize is awarded to St Hubert by nearly 1,000 health professions for its nutritional communication, notably for the St Hubert DHA® product.

September 2016 – St Hubert Les Petits Plaisirs Soja® Chocolate Mousse is recognized as 2017 flavor of the year.
Octobre 2016 – Sustainable Food Factory Award

Each year, Process Alimentaire magazine awards the Sustainable Food Factory Award to an exemplary production site that has put in place concrete actions in the field of sustainable development. In 2016, the Ludres factory was rewarded for its actions towards sustainable development on energy performance.