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Significant facts

January 2008 – Signing of the PNNS Charter

St Hubert is the first company to sign a nutritional commitment charter with the French government as part of the PNNS (French Nutrition and Health Programme), making a particular commitment to optimise the quality of its spreads and to reduce the fat content of its products.


April 2009 – ISO 14001 certification

St Hubert’s ISO 14001 certification is a testimony to its commitment to control the impact of its activity on the environment and continually improve its environmental performance.


September 2009 – Launch of St Hubert Bio®

St Hubert Bio® is the first French brand of organic vegetable spread, certified AB (Organic Farming). It creates a new segment on the margarines market.


June 2010 – St Hubert Oméga 3® awarded the Bon Choix (Good Choice) 2010 prize

The editorial team of website awards the prize to St Hubert Oméga 3®, overall winner among 10 award-winning products selected from a panel of 600 present in supermarkets.


September 2011 – Launch of St Hubert 5 céréales®

St Hubert 5 céréales® is a combination of smooth spread and crispy cereals, in an original, tasty recipe. A real innovation when it comes to taste.


2012 – The new St Hubert lid wins an R Award

The Club Génération Responsable® (a French association encouraging sustainable development) awards a prize to St Hubert for its new lid. Its environmental impact is considerably reduced, with 22% less weight.


June 2013 – The Ludres plant celebrates its 40th anniversary

The anniversary of St Hubert’s flagship site is a testimony to its historical roots in the region and the active role it plays in the economic and social fabric of Nancy.


September 2013 – Launch of St Hubert Oméga 3 sans sel®

The St Hubert Oméga 3® range paves the way for salt-free spreads.


October 2013 – Establishment of the Halle de l’Innovation in Ludres

St Hubert invests 700,000 euros in a dedicated building on the Ludres site to support its innovation strategy, thus tripling the surface area assigned to innovation in the company.


December 2013 – Awarding of a prize by the IFM

The IFM (French Merchandising Institute) awards a prize (a bronze Metre) to St Hubert for the work it did on the legibility and dressing of shelves in points of sale.


March 2014 – Launch of St Hubert Pépites® de chocolat

St Hubert innovates by mixing chocolate chips into a spread, to create a new, original, tasty recipe.


June 2014 – St Hubert wins the Nutridor prize

Health professionals award St Hubert the Nutridor prize for its innovative St Hubert Oméga Sans Sel®, in the agrofood innovation category.


Décembre 2014 – Launch of St Hubert Pépites Très Chocolat®

St Hubert Pépites® expands its range by introducing a smooth, chocolatey recipe with delicious chocolate chips.


April 2015 – Launch of St Hubert Les Petits Plaisirs Soja®

Delicious soy desserts made of 100% French soy : light and smooth texture with real pieces of fruits, an intense chocolate taste or delicate vanilla flavours, to enjoy every day.


February 2016 – Launch of St Hubert® DHA

St Hubert innovates and launches St Hubert® DHA: all the great taste of St Hubert with the added benefits of DHA, a fatty acid essential to the body for those who want to look after their brain and vision*.

*DHA supports proper brain functioning and the maintenance of normal vision with a daily intake of 250 mg, alongside a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


April 2016 – Launch of St Hubert®Soy

St Hubert presents an innovative, unique 100% vegetable soy spread to be eaten on bread or used in cooking, sold in large and medium sized stores in France. A unique offer along with St Hubert’s great taste and expertise to help everyone seeking a more varied diet.


Our innovations

St Hubert is the inventor of several leading innovations, such as the first margarine with cereals (St Hubert 5 céréales®) launched in 2011, and organic margarine (St Hubert Bio®) launched in 2009.

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