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The history of St Hubert

Paul Couillard’s workshop

Paul Couillard, founder of St Hubert, sets up business in a small workshop in Nancy, becoming the first to offer bottled pasteurised milk and cheese in the Lorraine region of France. In 1904, Paul Couillard brands his dairy « Laiterie St-Hubert ».

Twenty years later, following the success of its products, the Laiterie St-Hubert becomes a sound, sustainable company covering the entire region, with dozens of points of sale.



Refocus on dairy production

The Laiterie St-Hubert decides to refocus on dairy production and sells its 64 shops to the Union des Coopérateurs de Lorraine. It begins converting its pasteurisation centres into cheese-making facilities.

Industrialisation and growth

The company continues growing thanks to the production capacity of two new cheese-making facilities acquired in 1934, Blamont and Magnières, additions to the historical plant located on Rue Pichon in Nancy. At the dawn of the Second World War, Laiterie St-Hubert is collecting and transforming more than 43,000 litres of milk per day. It is the leading industry in the region of Nancy.



Establishment of the Ludres plant

The Ludres plant, with its large surface area 20 000 square meters and advanced equipment, is the symbol of St Hubert’s success and modernity. This is where the company manufactures its finished products – its pasteurised and UHT milk, and butter. It goes on to become the group’s flagship site, where the majority of production activities are still performed today.

Launch of St Hubert 41®

St Hubert launches the first spread that is twice as light as traditional butter. With only 41% fat content and a smooth texture making it extremely easy to spread, St Hubert 41® is a genuine success and is awarded the Grand Prix de l’Innovation (Prize for Innovation) at the SIAL (French agrofood trade show) in 1981.



Launch of B’A®, containing active bifidus

St Hubert innovates by launching B*A, the first fermented yoghurt containing active bifidus.

Establishment of Védial, with Lesieur

In order to strengthen its position on the fats market, which has become very competitive, St Hubert enters into a joint venture with Lesieur to start up Védial SA. One of the products marketed by this new company is Le Fleurier®, a mixed, low fat spread with butter, to be spread on bread or used for cooking.



Sodiaal acquires St Hubert

St Hubert is acquired by the Sodiaal cooperative, which refocuses the Ludres plant’s activities on the manufacturing of low fat spreads. Milk and fresh produce such as yoghurt are transferred to other Sodiaal plants.

Launch of PRIMA

St Hubert launches Prima®, light and 100% vegetable, high in vitamin E, PRIMA® is perfect for cooking and toasting.


KRAFT spread division is bought out

After the fast-growing English group UNIGATE buys out the Ludres plant in 1994, it goes on to buy out the KRAFT Group’s spread activity in Italy and Great Britain in 1996. The group markets the Valle’® brand in Italy.



Launch of Tournolive®

St Hubert launches Tournolive®, a vegetable spread made with olive oil (3.8% olive oil).

Establishment of the Marie – St Hubert group

The English group UNIGATE establishes the Marie – St Hubert group in 2000. The group changes entity in 2003, becoming MARIE GROUPE UNIQ. The group owns the St Hubert® and Marie Surgelés® brands until 2006, when they become independent entities again.



Launch of Valle’® ready to roll pastries

St Hubert launches Valle’® ready to roll pastries in Italy.

Launch of St Hubert Oméga 3®

In order to meet the expectations of customers wanting to treat themselves whilst taking care of their health, St Hubert innovates by designing products rich in omega 3 to help the cardiovascular system* to work well as part of a balanced diet. 



Dairy Crest acquires St Hubert

St Hubert joins the English dairy group Dairy Crest, leader on the English dairy market and owner of flagship brands in the UK, such as Cathedral City® and Country Life®.

Launch of St Hubert Pur® Végétal

St Hubert launches its first organic spread, guaranteed without milk or nuts. Developed in close collaboration with the CHU de Nancy (Nancy Teaching Hospital) teams.



Signing of the PNNS charter

St Hubert is the first company to sign a nutritional commitment charter recognised by the French Ministry of Health as part of the PNNS2 (the French Nutrition and Health Programme).

Launch of St Hubert Bio®

St Hubert launches the first French brand of organic spread, certified AB (Organic Farming), in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

2014 09 - Logo Montagu

Montagu Private Equity acquires St Hubert

The development and growth strategy of St Hubert, joint leader on the French vegetable fats market, are now supported by Montagu Private Equity.

Launch of St Hubert Oméga 3 sans sel®

St Hubert Oméga 3 sans sel® is the first salt-free spread, rich in omega 3 to help the cardiovascular system* to work well. By launching this product, St Hubert creates a new segment on the health market. *Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, because ALA (omega 3) contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 2g of ALA, within a balanced diet.




Launch of St Hubert Les Petits Plaisirs Soja®

Delicious soy desserts made of 100% French soy : light and smooth texture with real pieces of fruits, an intense chocolate taste or delicate vanilla flavours, to enjoy every day.

St Hubert innovates and launches St Hubert® DHA!



Launch of St Hubert® Soy

St Hubert presents an innovative, unique 100% vegetable soy spread to be eaten on bread or used in cooking, sold in large and medium sized stores in France. A unique offer along with St Hubert’s great taste and expertise to help everyone seeking a more varied diet.

Launch of St Hubert Oméga 3® palm oil free

In addition to its existing St Hubert Oméga 3® range, St Hubert launches a new St Hubert Oméga 3® palm oil free, in which a copra and shea mixture replaces the palm and palm kernel mixture.



LPPS Nature BIO X6


Launch of St Hubert Les Petits Plaisirs Soja® Bio Nature

St Hubert lauches a unique recipe that combines a delicious creamy texture with a fresh, sweet taste all in a AB (organic farm) certified product. St Hubert les Petit Plaisirs Soja® Bio Nature is rich in protein and low in fat.

Since January 2018, a Chinese investment fund, Fosun Group (Fosun), which has owned Club Med since 2015, and the 4th largest dairy group in China, Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. (Sanyuan), acquired the majority of St Hubert shares with the support of the executives who remain shareholders.

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Launch of plant-based alternatives to cream

St Hubert launches the first range of plant-based alternatives to cream, with a soya recipe and a coconut recipe, thick and delicious, they are ideal for hot and cold cooking.